We are a guild on Mercury in the NA/Global server.
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 Guild Rules as of 7/10/12

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PostSubject: Guild Rules as of 7/10/12   Tue Jul 10, 2012 12:23 pm

1. Have fun!!!
2. Please respect everyone in guild, no matter their age, sex, race, abilities, religion, anything. Treat them as you'd want to be treated. If you're a masochist. Please disreguard this. Wink
3. Goes with rule number 2, please don't troll anyone in guild, laugh at their gear, laugh at them when you beat them in a pvp or anything like that, it's hurtful. Do it in real life, keep it out of the game. I want this guild to have a good reputation.
4. Do NOT hack, buy alz, scam, anything that is illegal, if I find you doing it you're out on your ass. Take this as your first warning. If you have evidence of this please message me on the website with a screenshot of proof.
5.Please watch your language, try to keep it pg13, if there's only a few of you on and you all know that no one is offended, go for it. But when there's a lot of people on, please use a channel chat, party, normal, or whisper. We have a lot of people in this guild aged 10-15. I'd rather not be responsible for corrupting them.
6. Do NOT pk people on dummies, if you do, you're kicked from guild. This is your first and only warning, it is something I will not stand for, and is just completely rude and disrespectful.

Our kick rule is as followed:

You get 3 warnings, between myself and my co leader and officers. We will keep track of how many warnings each person has, if you would like to know how many you have at any time feel free to ask. After 3 warnings you will be kicked from the guild.

Our level limit is 75, anyone below it has 7 days to get it. At the moment everyone in the probation group joined on the same day or was moved into that group on the same day, they have until 7/15/12 in order to hit level 75. If not they will be kicked.

We clean guild every day, anyone who has not been on for more then a week with no notice and under level 100 will be kicked. Newer players are more likely to leave for a week and never come back. Anyone under 100 will be kicked after 14 days of not coming on the game. If you need to leave please let someone know, post it on this website, on the guild board, or shoot any one of the leaders a mail in game.


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Guild Rules as of 7/10/12
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