We are a guild on Mercury in the NA/Global server.
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 Guild Warehouse Donation

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PostSubject: Guild Warehouse Donation    Wed Jul 18, 2012 11:34 am

The guild donation is a must for anyone who wishes to be in guild. It's to help support our warehouse so we can continue to buy entries for you to buy at half off whenever you need. I've tried this before and it's always worked out great, it's a small donation once a week that is easy for anyone to do.

We ask that once a week you please donate one of the following:

3 Upgrade core lows
2 Upgrade core mediums
1 Upgrade core high
1 Upgrade core highest
1 Million alz

Now obviously I cannot monitor to make sure that all the guildies are making this donation but I can get a general idea of it by skimming the log and watching our alz which should be rising. It will be checked every Saturday, times will vary, but usually sometime in the afternoon-evening.

You're more then welcome to donate more than this, and I know theres a lot of people in guild who already do more than their fair share of donating and I want to thank them for that right now. You guys are the ones who truly help keep this guild warehouse up and running!

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Guild Warehouse Donation
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