We are a guild on Mercury in the NA/Global server.
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PostSubject: TheSweetestSin   Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:04 am

Hey everyone! It's Sweet, Sweetest, Sin, Spell, SpellDancer, Jenn, whatever it is that you call me Razz I created this guild in the 2nd week of June and then it died when I had to travel to New York to help take care of my uncle, however now its back up and running better then before! I'm 19 years old, and live with my boyfriend who is the co leader of the guild, OrgySlayer. I love cats, I have 2 kittens their names are Pumpkin and Misty and you'll probably hear me talk about them a lot lol. I love to dance and I love photography, I'd love to be a professional photographer one day but who knows where life is going to take me. The other games I play are TERA and Forsaken world, but by far I play Cabal more lol.
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