We are a guild on Mercury in the NA/Global server.
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 Frase's Intro

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PostSubject: Frase's Intro   Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:39 pm

Good morning or afternoon. im Frase. a FA. ive been playing/familiar with cabal, since the open beta. ive watched the game grow up... from the release of forgotten ruins... undead ground.. lakeside... from SIGmetal... to Lycanus... you name it, ive been there.

Ive been with DarkVoid for roughly 2 months now.. over that time, ive become friends with the entire guild... on that note, recently i became an officer.. and am currently in training. please dont disrespect me because i am a lower level then you... the only reason is when est soft took back cabal from OG planet, i forgot to transfer... and had to start again. feel free to ask me for help when you see me. im usually a nice person, unless something is terribly wrong.

in real life.. im 23 years old, currently working as an Ironworker. i am a proud canadian. anything else you wish to know.. please ask in game, or here. enjoy your gaming experience.
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Frase's Intro
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