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 Basic War Guide, By:Joel

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PostSubject: Basic War Guide, By:Joel   Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:05 pm

Ok so when you join the Nation War, you are in a lobby for 10minutes. Here you have a Warehouse, A Grocer and a Contribution Officer where you can buy runes and armors. When i go to war, I go straight to the Grocer and buy sp packs. In war you will use alot of sp if you are going for high points and these packs refill a hole bar. I also buy hp packs in stacks of 100's.
After the 10 minutes is done, you enter the war. In the war there are 17 Points to be captured. They team that captures all of them, or has the most by the 50 minutes is done, you win the war. Now to capture these points, you will need to kill a legacy guardian. Once you kill them, you click on the legacy barrier to capture the actual point. They also drop a legacy weapon which is a very powerful weapon and you should pick it up. It also drops a legacy chest in which you break and you get potions such as magic amp, sword amp, magic attack, attack, vital, reflex,etc... Now personally, I go more for the bigger points such as the opposite nations base, the two fronts known as alpha and omega, and the center. These legacy guardians are much harder to kill meaning you will get more score.
You can score in many ways.
-One is by attacking the opposite nation, or buy attacking legacy guardians. You obtain one score after you do 10,000 (10k) damage
-Another is by gaining damage or getting hit basically.
-Also by building on the points you have already captured.
My tactic in the game is to go straight for one of the main fronts, Alpha or Omega. After i capture one of those i make my way toward the more medium difficult points to capture. And i slowly make my way toward the enemy base getting as many points as i can. Now i am a Force Archer. Force Archers typically tend to score the highest because of our bm2 where we can attack two enemies at once.
If you are a Force Archer, i have many tips.
-When you enter the enemies base bm2 right away. Now you can target the Sage Ensign which is basically a legacy guardian of the opposite nations base, and you also target a nearby gate. Now you can stand between them and hit both at once with your guns, thus gaining twice as many points. Now you can use this tactic in many situations such as running into the opposing nations members. One con about this though, is that all classes have knockback or down, meaning u cant get up fast like you do if you are using combo. Now what i do here is instead of attacking with my guns, i use normal attacks then i dash and fade around them and attack them again. By doing this they must keep retargetting you and restarting combo which is a fair on fair fight. But you have the upper hand as you have bm2 on.
-Also another thing to do in war is keep the enemy at one point. They have to keep spawning there and you can easily kill them especially if you have other people there with you.
-Now you also have to be smart. You may have very good gear and you may run into a mob. Now by looking at their levels you may be able to take them. If you can not, do not stand there and fight. Dash away as quickly as possible and try to find friends of yours and then take them out. War is not a solo thing, you do need to work together and be a team player. Help people capture a point, help people kll someone, if you are a magic user and you happen to have sword amp potions give them to a sword user and they may give back in return. War is a team game and cannot be won by a soloist. Be smart, play smart and be a team.
-Thats all i can really say for now so thanks alot for reading and i hope i helped you noobs ^_^
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Basic War Guide, By:Joel
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