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 Sweet's guide to Force Archers

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PostSubject: Sweet's guide to Force Archers   Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:00 am

General Info:Force archers are one of the two magic classes on Cabal. Unlike wizards their skill cast times are very fast, they are the fastest dps class in the game. They are also very much a support class. They are the only healer in the game, able to save not only themselves, but their entire party too. They use two orbs, not crystals, for a higher magic attack, and battle. By using martial, armor, or crystals you decrease the amount of magic attack you have. Force archers want to focus their stat points in INT, while keeping just barely enough to wear whatever gear you're using. If you're wearing osm you should only have enough to wear osm, don't put enough to wear forcium planning on getting that later on.

Force Archer Skill Guides:

Buff/Debuff skills:

Eagle Eye: 20
Vital force: 20
Sharpness : 20
Vital bless: 9
Repulsive Armor: 20
Thrusting Arrow: 20
Offensive Bless: 20
Mana Condense: 20
Art of Sniping: 20
Curse Remove: level 1 or level 20 depends on whether or not you need the skill points, all it does it reduce the amount of mana used.
Lower defense: 20
Art of Healing: 20
Greater heal: 20
Mass heal: 20

Attack skills:

Crit shot 20
Shadow shot 20
Terra lance: 20
Fire lance: 20
Aqua lance: 20
Shooting Star: 9/15/18/20 you can choose debating on whether you want maximum damage or fastest cooldown. 15 is a nice medium for that. Mine personally is at level 20. It works well with combos I've posted.
Sonic Shooter: 9/15/20 again same with shooting star mine is at 20.
Gravity Distortion: 9/15/20 again same with the above two, mine is at 9.
Optional: Fire cannon/stone cannon level 20. These are optional and depends on your build really. You may have to forget about some skills in order to get these two.

Upgrade Skills:
Vitality Master
Defensive Sense
Force Control
Ruling Force
Damage Absorb

last is your choice: pvp get mana mastery if you are more pve get sixth sense.

PVP/PVE/War combos

T1 pvp combo against high def/hp targets:

Poison arrow level 20, crit shot level 20, terra lance level 20, fire lance level 20, aqua lance level 20.

T1 combo for guardians/gate/low def targets:

crit shot 20, shadow shot 20, terra lance 20, fire lance 20, aqua lance 20.

Pvp combo for dps in war against guardians/gates/low def targets or in pvp outside of war:

Crit shot level 20, shadow shot level 20, terra lance level 20, fire lance level 20, shooting star level 18/20 your choice. 18 for faster cool down 20 for higher damage. base this off of whether you are pvp or pve. I use mine at level 20 for higher damage.

PVE combo:

Gravity distortion 9, crit shot 20, shadow shot 20, fire lance 20, shooting star 18/20, sonic shooter 12/15/20

Personally mine is GD 9, crit 20, shadow shot 20, fire lance 20, shooting star 20, sonic shooter 20. I am more pvp so I wanted my skills to be hard hitting, and while I'm in pve its generally healing in ft2. You need to fix your skill levels to your liking.

Gear for PVE and PVP:

Gear for PVE:

While many believe that forcium +9 is required because force archers are squishy, it's not true. While it can help, if you have vamp definitely not necessary. However if you're insistant in it, do not invest in forcium below 3% amp. Your damage goes down way too much if you take rid of all of your amp in your gear. Keep your osm helm from pvp, and just get suit/boots/gloves for forcium.

Another option would be to get Teragrace or Sigmetal +9 the defense from that would be more then sufficient for you to survive in ft2 or pi. Again you want to make sure you have 7% amp.

[color=white]Gear for PVP[color=white]

As a force archer you want to make sure you have amp. 7% amp in your suit/boots/gloves is necessary and mandatory. Whether you have shadowtitanium, osmium, teragrace, sigmetal, or forcium. You NEED 7% amp. Do not go below S.tit though, your def will be too low. A cheaper build that will work for a newer player would be:

Osmium helm of Annihilation +9 36 crit damage
Osmium suit +9 7% amp and 50 hp
S.tit gloves +10 or higher 7% amp and 1-2 slots with hp steal in those slots
Osmium boots +9 with 7% amp and anywhere from 0-100 hp.

Make sure you class bind all of your gear!!!

A more expensive build would be:

Teragrace or Sigmetal helm of Annihilation +9 or higher with 36 crit damage
Teragrace or Sigmetal suit of Outrageous +9 or higher with 7% amp and 5-100 hp
Teragrace or Sigmetal boots of Outrageous +9 or higher with 7% amp and 50-100 hp
Teragrace or Sigmetal gloves of Outrageous +9 with HP steal in 1/2 slots

And the most expensive build:

Forcium suit +11 or higher 7% amp
Forcium boots +11 or higher 7% amp
Forcium gloves +11 or higher 7% amp
Osmium, Teragrace, or Sigmetal helm of Annihilation/Outrageous either 7/40, or 7/7/24 +15

With the last build you need to pump your str/dex up in order to use the forcium, you need to weigh the positives and negatives of more def and less attack.


Depending on what tier you're in if you're farming war, you'll want a different type of weapon. After testing I found combinations for different tiers that fit mystyle of play.

Tier 1: 1 Aqua orb +10 or higher of outrageous 7 amp and 24 dmg extended and 1 Lapis crystal 30 dmg +10 or higher. The base dmg from the lapis crystal will make up from the aqua orb and help to boost the already low fa's base dmg. While you're in t1 you want amp and dmg, by using this combination you get the best combination you can of both. The lapis is necessary for the extra astral bow bonus'

Tier 2: Since you can't really use 7% sig here unless its in the slot I'd suggest using a topaz 7% amp 2 slot orb +9 or higher and a sig metal 2 slot or 3 amp 2 slot. I haven't warred in t2 in a long time so I"m not sure of how high you're able to plus up a sigmetal of amp 2 slot anymore before you need to level out to wear it.

Tier 3-5: Ahh finally you're able to wear everything. Forcium 7% amp +11 is what you're aiming for. That is my choice however there are others. Some people believe that a Forcium 7% amp +11 and a Forcium 20 dmg +11 are a better combination. I believe in pure amp for a fa, I'm an old schooler what can I say. Another more expensive combination would be a Forcium 7% amp +11 or higher and a Sigmetal +15 7% amp 24 dmg.


[color=white]Accessories for pve:[/color

Pretty much the same as any class, For rings idealy you would want a merg ring or killian ring, ring of luck 2, 1 Ring of Sage +10, and 1 Force absorb ring +3. These would be your final rings. If you don't have a merg ring you could instead do 3 ring of luck +1 and 1 force absorb ring +3.

Bracelets and earrings: Bracelets you want either Bracelet of sage +3 slotted or bracelet of sage +6/+7
Earrings You want vampiric earrings +6 or higher if you can't wear those because of your honor rank either wear the ones you can with your current honor, or try to get some Drosnin earrings from IC2.

Epaulet: Eos+7 or +8

Vampiric Amulet +3-+6

Accessories for PVP

Rings: Merg ring or Killian, 1 ring of luck +1 or +2, 2 Ring of Sage +9 or 10

Bracelets and Earrings: Bracelet of Sage +3 slotted or Bracelet of sage +6/+7. Drosnin earrings idealy with all def/hp, or Earring of guard +6 or higher.

Amulet of Pain +5 or +6

Epaulet: Eos+7 or +8

Cheaper Accessories for pve/pvp

PVE: 3 Ring of luck +1 and 1 Life absorb ring +3. 1 Ammy of vampire +3. 2 bracelet of sage +5. Epaulet of sage +6. Drosnin Earrings or Vampire earrings +2/3

PVP: 3 Ring of Luck +1 and 1 Ring of sage +9 or Crit ring +1 depending on your choice of play. Bracelet of sage +5. Epaulet of sage +6. Drosnin earring or Guard earring +3-+5

[color=indigo][I'll update this as I come across new information or find better things that work for me. Hope this helped you out at least a little bit. If you have any questions please shoot me a message in guild!!/color]
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Sweet's guide to Force Archers
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