We are a guild on Mercury in the NA/Global server.
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 Guild Dungeon Runs

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PostSubject: Guild Dungeon Runs   Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:40 am

Our weekly guild dungeon runs are just another way to increase our funds.
In a guild dungeon run all profits go to the guild warehouse, you can provide your own entry or have one from warehouse if you need. We ask if you plan on just running this one dungeon to take your daily free one from the instructor.

Who: Anyone who meets the level requirement for coming into the dungeon is more then welcome to coming as long as we have room! First come first serve! Only Guild officers may lead a dungeon run.

When: 3 times a week, not any scheduled day, hoping to have one beginning of the week Sun/Mon one mid week Tues/Wed/Thurs and one end Fri/Sat. The runs I lead will generally be at night 8-10pm central time. The runs BadAim will lead will generally be anytime after 9pm eastern time.

What: Any dungeon ranging from LID to MO when we get to that point.

Benefits?: The guild warehouse will quickly grow by doing these dungeon runs! You also get the chance to get guild dungeon points which you can use to purchase items from the warehouse without actually spending any alz!!


1. Any guild dungeon run not led by me must be screenshot by the officer and sent to me so that dungeon points can be distributed correctly.

2. Runs can only be led by a Class officer, Guild officer, Co leader, or myself.

3. ALL drops will go to benefit the guild warehouse except for in one occasion.

4. Loot is set for leader loot only and the leader must be one of the officers listed above.


1. A rare drop occurs. This is defined by being a perfect craft item or an item worth 100m or more. If this shall occur, 20% of the profit from that item shall go to the guild warehouse and everything else is split between the party members that were in the run. For example, if you're running ic2 with 4 people and an eof8 drops and you sell for 4b. The guild warehouse will receive 800m and the remaining 3.2b shall be split between the 4 people in the party.

Please check the post entitled Guild Dungeon Points for more info as to how points are acquired.


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Guild Dungeon Runs
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